We do not offer prefabricated items.
Each and every item is Made to Order.
Sized according to customers wish, numbered and personalized with the first letter of the owner’s name.
According to the danish trade regulations ( §18 ) there is no return, exchange or money back guarantees for the Made to Order items. Be aware of this fact, placing an order.

All the information on customers noble title, name, address,
purchase details is strictly confidential and will not be used for any kind of commercial or noncommercial activity of MAISON HALLBERG. Our customers may talk about us, we never talk about them.

Choose your favourite item and send a request.
We rich an agreement on color/material/parameters of the item
you’d like to purchase, the price will be calculated and you will
receive the billing information.

By accepting bank transfer as a payment method,
we try to avoid the cases of credit card/identity misuse, so common our days and to add an element of transparency
– we know who our customers are and you,
dear customers, know the exact address your money goes to.

It usually takes 4 to 8 weeks to create one of the permanent collection items. The item you ordered will be send to your address with an international courier.